Welcome to Pugh, Pugh & Pugh

The Pugh law firm was founded in 1949 by Robert G. Pugh, who was inspired by the example of his grandfather, J.C. Pugh, a lawyer, state senator and appellate judge. Robert G. Pugh practiced law continually through 2006 except for a brief recall to Air Force duty as a first lieutenant during the Korean War. He engaged in a broad variety of legal areas, arguing several times in the U.S. Supreme Court and winning landmark cases in fields as diverse as state taxation, trade regulation, antitrust, pharmaceutical regulation, business litigation, successions, class actions, and constitutional law. He served as president of the National Conference of Bar Presidents, Louisiana State Bar Association, and the Shreveport Bar Association. He was awarded the U.S. Fifth Circuit Professionalism Award and the Louisiana Bar Foundation Distinguished Attorney Award. He was a trusted adviser to four Louisiana governors.

Robert G. Pugh, Jr., joined the law firm in 1980. He expanded the firm’s expertise into medicolegal matters including medical malpractice defense and advising health care providers and entities on a variety of business matters. In 1991 Robert and Robert Jr. became the only parent/child to argue separate cases in the United States Supreme Court on the same day.

Lamar Powell Pugh became a member of the law firm in 1990. He developed the firm’s additional focus on health care regulatory and transactional matters as well as labor law.

Robert Gahagan Pugh, III joined the practice in 2015, adding a third generation to the firm’s nearly 70 year history

Today Pugh, Pugh & Pugh, engages in a broad spectrum legal practice, including civil litigation, corporate law, labor and employment law, estate planning, medical malpractice, and health care compliance and transactions.